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Our Team


Nataša & Andrej Owners From an early age, Nataša and Andrej had strong ambitions to become masters of their profession. In the late fifties of the last century, Natasha’s and Andrej’s parents struggled for their daily bread and, after the regulations at that time and the end of the war, sought their mission in other professions. By daily learning and proving, they managed to lay the foundation for the GOLDEN RAIN company. With vision and determination, they lled the company to a position where it became the leading winner of sparkling fruit wines.

Nataša Zemljič
Nataša Zemljič
Founder & Owner

Fulfillment of vision and life goal. I wholeheartedly believe in our mission and approach to wines because that’s how I prefer to live my life: simple and focused on excellence. As the founder of the company and sales, I am responsible for managing guest relations and helping to grow GOLDEN RAIN. When I’m not traveling and making new sales partnerships. I dedicate the rest of my time to my son Lukas, who is a maestro on the flute. At the age of 13, he performed at the Graz Opera.

Andrej Grum
Founder & Owner

I have always been devoted to wine, but I never thought that I would ever create a brand that has the potential of global proportions. It all started with the fact that I began to realize my thoughts step by step. I immediately fell in love with the process and decided to start working on it full time. Since then I have never looked back! My knowledge of wine began in the vineyard and my upbringing. Then from harvest to canning and on to sale. I thoroughly enjoyed the bubbles and loved them. The ancestors have been in this business and in this field since time immemorial. Now I know what wine meant to them: family, memories and tradition.

Lukas Grum
Family member

Working in the home environment started as a childhood passion; at first it was only a small help. But the more I did it and the more I learned, the more I personally put my efforts and knowledge into home and business. As a young virtuoso on the flute, I take care of my contribution to the company. Together we are planning my professional career as a flute virtuoso. The combination of classical music and sparkling wine is a pleasure that encourages even the most demanding guest to relax and experience unforgettable moments in the GOLDEN RAIN company.